World Society for the Protection of Animals

Station: Today network stations Campaign Type: Branding Promotion Timeframe: 10 weeks Target Market: 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs


Bear baiting subjects captive bears to cruelty for years, with no proper care or treatment for their injuries. WSPA educates communities and works with government with the objective to stop bear baiting events from taking place. WSPA’s Bricks for Bears initiative aims to rescue and treat these bears, work with bear owners and re-house in a sanctury. WSPA provided a detailed brief with the key overall objectives to connect with listeners whilst educating them on the issue at hand.

Campaign Objectives

Raise awareness of WSPA. Raise $50,000 in funds to finish building a sanctuary to house 70 bears and free them from bear baiting. Drive traffic to the website. Educate listeners and acquire new supporters.

Insights and Solution

This would be an issue close to animal lovers hearts, an honest and emotionally connected promotion involving genuine heartfelt live reads would resonate with the target audience driving engagement and action. Integrated campaign; - Radio ads - Live reads - Online banners - Social media The schedule was very targeted (a quality over quantity approach). On-air talent were thoroughly briefed in. As a result Kyle and Jackie O and The Grill Team delivered genuinely heartfelt live reads.


  • In one week; - Traffic to the website was 20 times higher than prior to the campaign. - $29,000 in donations from 985 people.
  • In one month; - $41,835 in donations from 1,281 people. - 436% increase in unique browsers; 80% were first time visitors.
  • The WSPA site saw an increase in traffic of 71%.
  • Facebook fans increased by 400%.
  • Total donations raised amounted to nearly $400,000.
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"We could not be more thrilled with the results"

Head of Marketing, WSPA Australia & New Zealand.

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