McDonald’s McCafe

Station: 4BC, Brisbane Campaign Type: Promotion Promotion Timeframe: Target Market: 18 – 24 yrs, 25 – 39 yrs, 40 – 54 yrs, 55 – 64 yrs, 65+ yrs


McDonald’s released a brief to Brisbane radio stations in July 2010. 4BC responded with a tailored total station promotion and event plan answering the client’s marketing challenges. 4BC were selected by the client based on their submitted brief.

Campaign Objectives

  • Raise awareness of McCafe locations and products.
  • Raise the perception of quality of McCafe coffee.
  • Encourage sampling

Insights and Solution

If people tried McCafe coffee then their negative perception would change. This radio promotion provided a platform to reach customers in an engaging way. A multi-faceted approach was used through the mechanic of the promotion giveaway, with various McCafe visits and live-crosses, instore merchandising, as well as online and announcer integration.


Client sales peaked at a 13.85% increase compared to the same time last year. This was the client’s highest percentage increase during the whole of 2010. Sales at the promoted McCafe’s in Brisbane were higher than the rest of QLD and Sydney. Redemptions for the vouchers peaked at 48%, which was 12% more than other promotions the client had run.

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"4BC created a performance-centric promotion for McDonalds which achieved all the targets we had benchmarked for this investment"

Marketing Manager -QLD/NT, McDonald's Australia Limited.

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